Stove and Fireplace: Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair

Keeping your stove or fireplace in tip-top shape is important for both efficiency and the safety of your home and family.

Unfortunately, stove or fireplace service is something most people put off, until something goes wrong, or the weather turns cold, and they discover their stove doesn't work.

As you might expect, some of our busiest months are in the fall, when it starts to get cold. Because of this increased business volume, and because we are a small, family company providing personalized service, getting an appointment in the fall may take longer to schedule than a spring appointment.

To help you avoid the seasonal rush, Valley Chimney offers seasonal discounts if you schedule an appointment between April 1 and August 31.

Our services include inspections, cleaning, and repair of stoves and chimneys

We sell chimney caps to keep the pacific north west weather and birds and critters out. We do full masonry repair, tuckpointing, crowns, flashing, and leak sealing.

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